Easy, Affordable Ways to Keep Your Pet Happy & Healthy


We know your pet's health is your top priority. As a vested partner in this endeavor, Cordova Veterinary Hospital wants to do everything we can to make this as easy as possible. Our veterinarians have worked hard to create our Pet Wellness Plans as a way to meet the veterinary health care needs of your pet during each stage of life at a cost savings to you.

While each plan is specific to the age and type of pet you have, each include basic veterinary health care components, such as:

  • Office visits, physical and dental examinations—Our veterinarians will conduct a complete nose-to-tail physical examination, including a comprehensive dental exam of your pet. This allows your veterinarian to monitor your pet's overall health, documenting any changes and addressing any concerns.
  • Vaccinations—Initial vaccinations for puppies and kittens or vaccination boosters for adult and senior pets will be administered. Your veterinarian will develop or review your pet's vaccination schedule at this time.
  • Parasite screening—Your pet will be screened to ensure he or she is parasite free.
  • Diagnostic procedures—Your veterinarian will order age-appropriate diagnostic procedures to ensure your pet is healthy. Conducting diagnostic tests on healthy animals allow baselines to be established, which will be used to monitor your pet's health throughout life. Variations in levels can alert your veterinarian to possible health concerns, allowing for early detection and treatment.
  • Parasite control products—Our veterinarians recommend that all pets be treated for parasites year-round. Your veterinarian will work with you in developing a parasite control regime that can be administered in the comfort of your home. Our staff will assist you in finding products that meet your pet's specific needs.