Rapid, Accurate Test Results When They Matter Most


Cordova Veterinary Hospital has extensive in-house laboratory facilities providing complete serum chemistry, hematology, serology, urinalysis, and parasite testing, allowing for rapid test results. In many cases, our extensive IDEXX lab equipment can provide results within an hour when rapid diagnosis is needed.

There are many benefits to conducting laboratory tests while your pet is healthy. These results are used as baselines to assist your veterinarian in monitoring your pet's health throughout his or her life. As pets are known to mask pain, variation in different levels can indicate changes in their health. Identifying these changes early allows your veterinarian to properly diagnose and treat your pet before a more serious condition develops.

Pre-Anesthesia Blood Work

Prior to any anesthesia, blood work is completed to evaluate organ function and blood counts to ensure that your pets are healthy enough to handle anesthetic. This blood work can identify undetected conditions that may cause complications if left untreated. Your veterinarian will also use the results in customizing your pet's anesthesia and pain management protocol.

Pet Wellness Plans

Our veterinarians have developed Pet Wellness Plans that include recommended laboratory tests for each stage of life at a cost saving to you.