Getting an Overall Picture of Your Pet's Health


A nose-to-tail physical examination provides your pet's veterinarian with a comprehensive view of your pet's general health.

Completed during wellness exams, vaccination booster appointments, and when your pet is brought in due to illness or injury, the physical examination is the first step in obtaining a total picture of your pet's health.  

Recognizing the importance of these visits, Cordova Veterinary Hospital routinely schedules 30-minute appointments. The age of your pet will determine how often veterinary visits are required:

  • During the first year of life, your pet will have frequent veterinary visits for vaccination boosters and to ensure development is progressing normally.
  • Annual exams are sufficient for adult dogs and cats, unless they have a condition that requires more frequent visits.
  • Bi-annual visits are recommended for senior pets in order to monitor and detect any changes before they become more serious medical conditions.

Unlike humans, pets are not able to tell us when they are in pain or ill. In fact, many times they mask signs of both. You will be asked to provide a complete veterinary history of your pet to help establish baselines, making it easier for our staff to identify changes through time.

Performing these exams while your pet is healthy and displaying no obvious signs of illness or disease makes it easier to identify changes later on. Our staff is trained to notice changes or symptoms from the time your pet walks into our clinic, all the way through the visit with the veterinarian, allowing for early diagnosis and treatment before the condition becomes painful for your pet.