On-site Digital X-ray for Quick Diagnostics


Radiography, or X-ray, provides the veterinary staff at Cordova Veterinary Hospital with a two-dimensional, black and white internal view of specific organs, bones, or joints within your pet. These images are useful in identifying and properly diagnosing the presence of foreign objects, broken bones, arthritis, tumors, bladder or kidney stones, or soft tissue problems.

Most people are familiar with traditional X-rays, where film is used to create an image, is developed, and a physical image is created and handed to the veterinarian for examination. We our pleased to offer our patients the convenience of in-house digital X-ray capabilities.

In-House Digital X-Ray

Always on the forefront of veterinary technology, our in-house digital X-ray equipment provides our veterinarians with immediate, clear images to aid in the diagnostic process. The digital images can be viewed on a screen or tablet, allowing the veterinarian to isolate, enlarge, or manipulate specific areas of interest. In addition, they can be emailed or copied to a CD upon owner's request.

This painless procedure is done in our office and most pets do not need sedation. For pets that display high levels of anxiety or who have trouble relaxing naturally, your veterinarian may prescribe a sedative or general anesthesia prior to the procedure.

When necessary, digital X-ray allows us to utilize the services of Dr. Steve Harnagel, a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Radiology, who is available for radiograph interpretation. Easily transmitted, these images can be read by Dr. Harnagel and his report sent back to us within hours.